An elegantly designed apartment complex in Jumeirah Village Circle that redefines the concept of affordable contemporary living with its 120 stylish designed apartments.

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  • Please conduct regular maintenance of the smoke / heat detectors within your apartment; did you know it’s an offense punishable by law if your detectors are not working properly or they have been obstructed? Your negligence could pose a risk to the entire community.

  • Refrain from smoking in non-designated areas.

  • Don’t throw cigarette butts from your balcony.

  • Refrain from disposing of flammable materials (including cigarette butts) down the garbage chute.

  • Refrain setting up barbecues or smoking shisha on your balcony, they may set of the smoke and heat detectors.

  • Refrain from storing of flammable liquids / materials like petrol, diesel or household materials in your apartment, allocated parking lot or on balconies.

  • Familiarise yourself with the evacuation plans in the building.

  • Please ensure you take part in the annual Fire Drill conducted in the building.

  • Never obstruct fire doors and attempt to keep fire doors open.

  • Never allow children to access fire equipment cupboards, tamper with emergency equipment and signs.