1. Introduction


Community Rules are for the benefit of the residents and are designed to create an environment in which all residents can maximize enjoyment of their homes and the various common areas and facilities. It is also the intent of these Rules to create a calm, peaceful, attractive and safe environment for the families, children, neighbors, and guests of the Community. Adherence to these rules will maintain, preserve, enhance, and protect the property values and assets of the Community. Violation of any of the Community Rules will be penalized with a Notice of Violation and subject to Violation Penalty Fee.

2. General Restrictions

Noise and Nuisance Activities

2.1.1. No nuisance, obnoxious or offensive activities shall be carried out on any part of the Community, nor shall anything be done or maintained on any part of the Community including a Resident’s premises which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood or interfere with the quiet enjoyment by any Resident. 2.1.2. Such nuisances include but are not limited to odors, smoke, vibrations, and obstruction of views. Offensive noises include but are not limited to those that are caused by pets, televisions, stereos, musical instruments, revving of motor vehicles, and car stereos. Noise is considered to be too loud if it can be heard by an adjacent neighbor when inside their house with their windows and doors closed. 2.1.3. Drills and power tools are strictly prohibited.


2.2.1. No activities shall be carried out in any part of the Community that may unreasonably interfere with a resident’s right of privacy within their residence. 2.2.2. Residents are to avoid any attempt to look into a neighboring unit(s) or window(s). 2.2.3. Residents bear the responsibility to take reasonable measures to protect their own privacy through the design of their window treatments and as long as it confirms to the Community’s Architectural Guidelines.

Pets & Pet Management

2.4.1. No animals, including poultry, fowl, wild animals, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine or any other type of animal not considered to be a domestic household pet shall be brought into or kept within the Community, except that domestic dogs, cats, birds, fish and turtles, may be kept as household pets subject to written approval from the community manager and included in the tenancy contact, provided that they are not kept, bred or raised for commercial purposes, kept in unreasonable quantities. 2.4.2. Pets must be housed and cared for in a humane manner and in accordance with best international practices on animal care. 2.4.3. All dogs shall be kept on a leash within the Community when not within the boundary walls of a unit. 2.4.4. Any dog feces deposited upon any portion of the Community shall be promptly removed and properly disposed of in a sanitary manner by the dog handler. 2.4.5. Pet owners are liable to all other Residents their families, guests and invitees for the actions of any animal brought or kept in the Community by the other Residents. 2.4.6. Pets should not be fed in the common areas of the community and/or outside the pet owner unit including balconies.

Hazardous Activities

2.5.1. Discharge of firearms and the use of toy guns and air guns (“bibi guns”) which can inflict damage on persons or property are expressly prohibited within the Community. 2.5.2. No open fires or/and BBQ shall be lit or permitted within the Community including balconies. Jumeirah Village Circle public parks offers facilities that caters all BBQ activities. 2.5.3. Activities or conditions which endanger the health and/or safety of others are prohibited. 2.5.4. Nothing shall be done or kept in any Unit or on the Common Areas / Property which will increase the Community’s insurance policy rates or cause it to be cancelled. 2.5.5. The usage of electric stove, oven and/or hubs are prohibited in the property. Tenants are bound to use gas based stoves and ovens with the connections provided.

Dumping and Trash Management

2.6.1. Dumping of ashes, trash, rubbish, garbage and any type of refuse or other unsightly or offensive materials is expressly prohibited within the Community. 2.6.2. Residents must make separate arrangements, at their own cost, for the disposal of large and/or heavy items including as furniture unpacking materials and boxes. 2.6.3. Trash should be securely wrapped and placed down the trash chute not to contain any liquid materials or fire hazardous contents. You may seek assistance from the community staff on where to place an oversize trash. 2.6.4. Residents are prohibited from leaving garbage on the garbage room floor or throwing large size garbage bags / components which may block the garbage chute. 2.6.5. Place all trash in sealed plastic bags. This will keep the trash area neat and relatively free from odor. If Management has to pick up trash or litter identified to be yours, you may be charged a fee for each occurrence.

Littering and Vandalism

2.7.1. The act of littering, graffiti or vandalism is expressly prohibited within the
Community and the Resident shall be held liable for the cost of cleaning, repair or
replacement resulting from any such prohibited activity carried out by occupants
of his rented property. All incidents of serious vandalism will be reported to Dubai
Police for their further action.

2.7.2. All Residents are to note that the cost of reinstatement of the item or area
that has been vandalized shall be directly charged to those individuals found to
be causing the vandalism. In the event that the individual(s) causing the vandalism
cannot be found, the costs to reinstate will be recovered from the Security

Usage Restrictions

2.8.1. Unless otherwise stated, properties in the Community are designated as
residential units for the use of single-families. As such, only the Tenants and their
direct family members, guests and domestic employees may occupy a residence
within the Community.

2.8.2. Bachelor apartments and apartment sharing outside of wedlock or direct
family is strictly prohibited as per Dubai Law.
2.8.3. No business or commercial activity to which the general public is invited
shall be conducted within any Unit within the Community without written permission
from the Community Manager.
2.8.4. All leases shall be accompanied by a signed undertaking of the Lessee that
all Community Rules shall be strictly adhered to. Violation of Community Rules
will be penalized by the Community Management.
2.8.5. Short-term / Subletting / Partitioning of the Unit for the purposes of letting
out individual rooms is strictly prohibited. Failing to comply with this rule will
result in termination of contract and evacuating the property immediately.
2.8.6. The Tenant is responsible for ensuring that all occupants comply with all the
requirements of these Rules. 2.8.7. Residents / Tenants shall strictly adhere to the terms of easements and
restrictions benefiting or burdening the Unit.
2.8.8. Tenants / Residents agree that in the event of damage to or destruction of
structure on or comprising his Unit, the Tenant shall promptly proceed to repair or
to reconstruct in a manner consistent with the original construction or such other
plans as are approved by the Developer or Community Manager. Tenants shall
pay all costs which are not covered by Security Deposits.

Household Staff

2.9.1. Household staff, including (but not limited to) housemaids and drivers
should hold a valid residence visa issued by the Dubai Immigration Department.

2.9.2. Residents and Tenants are fully responsible if they are found accommodating
household staff not directly sponsored by them. Residents and Tenants are
liable for criminal prosecution by the appropriate authorities according to the
dictates of the law.

3. Use Of Facilities And Access Regulations

Shared Facilities

3.1.1. The Common Areas and facilities are for the exclusive use of Tenant, their
direct family members and guests. Tenants and Residents shall limit the number
of guests using the facilities to ensure access for other Residents is maintained at
all times. The Community Manager reserves the right to assess whether the
number of guests accompanying the Resident is indeed reasonable or not.

3.1.2. All persons using the Community’s shared facilities and equipment do so at
their own risk and must adhere to the Rules and Regulations posted in various
locations throughout the interior and exterior of the facilities.
3.1.3. Failure to comply with the Rules may result in the Tenant or/and Guests
being prohibited from using the facilities. Severe violations of the regulations may
result in the Tenant or/and Guests being permanently prohibited from using the
facilities. 3.1.4. All children below the age of fourteen (14) years old must be supervised at
all times by a parent or guardian aged eighteen (18) years or older.
3.1.5. Pets are strictly prohibited within sports areas and in the pool. Pets must be
kept on a lead in the Common Areas.
3.1.6. Tenants and Guests wishing to hold private functions in any common area
in the Community must obtain prior written permission from the Community
Manager and shall limit the number of guests to no more than eight (8) persons,
in order to ensure that access for other residents is maintained. For larger number
of guests, special written approval must be obtained from the Community
Residents that have been permitted to hold such functions will be required to
adhere strictly to the hours of operation provide within the written permission.
The Community Management Office will require the payment of a deposit and the
Tenant or/and Guests will be responsible for any damage or cleaning costs arising
from the function.
3.1.7. Any damage to property or amenities in the Common Areas will be
chargeable to the individual responsible for causing the damage or, if they are a
minor, their parent or legal guardian or the Tenant of the property in which they
are a Guest. Any serious damages that may result in subsequent death or injury
of users will be promptly reported to the local law enforcement body.

Gym and Pool

Tenants and Guests must adhere to the following Rules while using the sports
areas of the Community:

3.2.1. Skates, skateboards, bicycles, tricycles, and other wheeled toys are not
allowed in and around the Pool and Gym.
3.2.2. Stereo equipment of any type (unless fitted with headphones) are not
permitted within the Gym and Pool area. 3.2.3. Suitable attire must be worn in and around the Gym and Pool area at all
3.2.4. The Community Manager reserves the right to close any of the facilities for
maintenance or for special Community functions, tournaments or events.
3.2.5. Running, jumping or pushing is not allowed anywhere within the Pool areas.
3.2.6. No diving or acrobatics is permitted by or in the Pool.
3.2.7. No activities are to be undertaken that would affect the peaceful use of the
facilities by other residents including excessive noise.
3.2.8. In the interest of hygiene, all persons are required to shower prior to using
the Pool or Jacuzzi.
3.2.9. All rules and regulations posted at the Pools by the Community Manager
must be adhered to.

COVID-19 Prevention

Tenants and Guests must adhere to the following Rules while using the sports
areas of the Community inline with Dubai Muncipality and UAE Law:

3.3.1. All residents are required to bring their own towel(s) when using the gym and pool 3.3.2. All residents agree to keep a minimum safe distance of 2 meters from the next user at all times 3.3.3. All residents agree to refrain from handshakes, huggs or/and any physical contact with any member of the community
3.3.4. All residents are responsible to disinfect the gym equipments before and after use with the chemicals and cleaning equipment provided by building management. 3.3.5. A maximum of 5 people are allowed in the gym at once, and a maximum of 7 people are allowed in the adults pool at once and 4 people are allowed in the childrens pool at once. Tenants are to cooperate with each other and with building management and do as asked in case of capacity limitation. 3.3.6 All tenants and thier family members and thier friends / visitors are obliged to comply with wearing a face mask and gloves while outside thier property in the common areas excluding excersizing in the gym and swimming in the pool. 3.3.7. All visitors MUST provide Identity Document (ID) of any form upon entry of the building. Non-compliance might result in denying access and may be escorted outside the building. 3.3.8. All visitors MUST go through a body temperature check as a saftey measure against the spread of Covid19, If body temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celicus, and was tested multiple times after cool down or the visitor declined to take the temperature test, The building security personnel and/or the building management has the full right to deny visitor access.

4. Vehicles & Parking Restrictions

Access control

4.1.1. Only bona fide Residents and their families, domestic employees and
guests are allowed into the Community. Delivery personnel, taxi and school bus
drivers are also allowed into the community for the express purpose of delivering
to or dropping off or picking up Residents.

4.1.2. Service providers, building contractors and handymen are permitted to
enter into the community only with approved entry permits and documents
issued by the Community Manager.


4.2.1. Residents and their guests must use their allocated parking bays as the
primary location for parking their vehicles. Parking bays shall not be used for storage
of any goods and/or materials, nor be utilized as a workshop or other use.

4.2.2. Vehicles are strictly prohibited to be temporarily parked and abandoned by
the car owner on the sides / Loading Areas of the parking that may block access
to other neighbor’s parking lot / space. Violators will be cited, fined, clamped, or
have their vehicles towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense.
4.2.3. Parking on the pavements any lawn area in the neighborhood / street is
strictly prohibited. Violating vehicles will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s
4.2.4. No overnight parking of any unauthorized motor vehicle – as defined by
Dubai Police as fit for use on the public roads – shall be allowed in any parking lot
/ space within the community, unless approved in advance by the Community
4.2.5. Oversized vehicles are not allowed to park and access the parking lot /
Loading Area with the exception of delivery and removal while performing
services for Residents. An oversized vehicle is deemed to be any vehicle that does
not fit into the Residents Drive way and Entrance.
4.2.6. Broken down and/or damaged vehicles are not allowed to park more than
30 days in the parking space. Vehicles which exceed the allowed number of days
are to be issued a warning and given extra time of 4 days to remove the vehicle.
Violation will result of towing away the vehicle to a nearby Dubai Police Station at
the owner`s cost.
4.2.7. No motor vehicles of any type shall be built, or repaired in the Community
and parking areas.
4.2.8. Tenants and Residents are responsible to see that their guests and families
and employees obey these Parking Rules.
4.2.9. Vehicles are not to be parked in a handicapped parking space without a
handicap placard or similar authorization. 4.2.10. Vehicles are not to be parked in a manner which interferes with any
entrance to or exit from the Community.
4.2.11. Street parking spaces and any unassigned parking spaces are not reserved
by any particular Unit and are used to serve the community guests and visitors
4.2.12. No dismantled or wrecked vehicle or equipment shall be parked, stored or
deposited within the Community.
4.2.13. Violations to parking rules will be penalized at the discretion of the Community

Community Drive Way, Passages and Parking Spaces Usage and Safety

4.3.1. The maximum speed limit in the Community parking drive way and passages
is 10 kilometers per hour. However, in all instances, the posted speed limit signs
will apply.

4.3.2. No motorized vehicle of any kind may be operated in any manner which is
dangerous, noisy or which creates a nuisance. Any violation of the speed limit or
driving considered to be dangerous by the Management shall be deemed to be a
serious violation of the Rules and shall be penalized accordingly.
4.3.3. Vehicles that drip fluids or that damage the parking floors are to be
removed and repaired. The Owner will be responsible for the reimbursement to
the Community Management for the cleanup and/or repair.
4.3.4. Car stickers and/or access cards provided at the time of handover of property
may only be used by Tenants and their Residents / Family and promptly
returned once the Resident or Tenant vacates the property.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles may not be visibly parked or stored within the Community
except temporarily for a maximum of two (2) hours while providing a delivery or
service to the Management or to a Resident.

Emergency or Temporary Maintenance Vehicles

4.5.1. The provisions of these rules shall not prevent any reasonable emergency
vehicle repairs or operation of any emergency vehicle, ambulance, etc., within the

4.5.2. Major repairs shall not be conducted to any vehicle of any kind within parking
bays or in Common Areas except for emergency repairs to the extent necessary
to enable the vehicle to be moved to a proper repair facility.
4.5.3. Changing vehicle oil or other automotive fluid is prohibited in all areas
within and surrounding the Community.

5. Maintenance And Aesthetics

Pest Control

5.1.1. Each Unit will be treated against pests prior to the occupancy by The Icon Casa Management.
5.1.2. Tenants and Residents will be responsible, at their own expense, for any
further pest control required within the boundaries (both internal and external) of
their rented property. Tenants and Residents are, however, asked to inform the
Community Manager of any pests other than ants, non-poisonous spiders, bees
and wasps found on their property.
5.1.3. The Community Management Office will be responsible, on a quarterly
basis, for pest control of all the Common Areas of the Community. Notices will be
posted prior to the treatments.

6. Home Appearance


6.1.1. Windows are not to be covered by paper, paint, tinfoil, sheets, or similar

6.1.2. Window screens must be maintained in good condition. Damaged screens
are to be repaired or replaced by the Resident.
6.1.3. The installation of safety screening at the windows or balconies must be of
a translucent material and requires the approval of the Community Manager prior
to installation.

Exterior Attachments

6.2.1. Outside television, radio, satellite or similar types of antennas are strictly
prohibited on the exterior of the building and on the balconies and windows of the
unit and in the Common Areas of the community.


Hanging of Laundry outside on clotheslines, balconies, or other apparatus visible
to other Residents from the street or the ground level of a neighboring lot or the
external common area is not permitted.

All Tenants and Residents are recommended to purchase a washer/dryer

Holiday/Celebration Decorative Lighting

6.4.1. Temporary holiday or festival lighting is permitted during Eid and other
main international and national holidays.

6.4.2. Flashing decorative lights, or lighting that creates glare visible from outside
the property is not permitted. White color string lights are preferred. Clarification
on the appropriateness of decorative lighting will be determined by the
Community Manager. 6.4.3. Permitted decorative lighting for holidays and celebrations may be
installed and illuminated ten (10) days before the holiday or celebration and must
be removed not later than ten (10) days after the holiday or celebration.
6.4.4. Lighting decorations causing complaints from neighboring residents must
be turned off or removed upon request.
6.4.5. No private parties / get-togethers are allowed in Common Areas without
the explicit prior approval of the Community Manager.


6.5.1. No sign or advertising device of any character may be erected, maintained
or displayed upon any portion of the Common Areas within the community.

6.5.2. No signs, including banners and flags are to be placed on balconies and
6.5.3. Any sign that does not adhere to the above standards will be removed from
the site at the Resident’s expense in addition to the issuance of Notice of


6.6.1. Balconies may not be used for storage of any storage units, boxes, refuse,
unused furniture, cabinets, cartons, automobile parts, recyclable materials, storage
and/or recycling containers, woodpiles, clotheslines, clothes drying racks,
barbecue grills and/or other equipment, bicycles, or any children’s tricycles,
wagons, strollers, skateboards, scooters, slides and playhouses so as to be visible
to other Residents from the street or the ground level of a neighboring lot.

6.6.2. Rugs, drapes, towels or other articles shall not be draped or hung on balcony
railings, from windows, or from clotheslines.
6.6.3. No items on the balcony may extend higher than the balcony wall, including
personal items, except the following: hanging or potted plants, tables and bird
feeders. All of these must be kept in good condition and be aesthetically agreeable.
Any resulting damage to the exterior of the residence caused by the installation
of hooks or attachments for the purpose of hanging decorative items will be
the responsibility of the Tenant / Resident of the Unit. 6.6.4. The storage of any combustible items such as charcoal lighter or other flammable
items on the balconies is strictly prohibited.
6.6.5. No pots or other items shall be placed on top of any wall or railing and each
Tenant/ Resident shall take reasonable steps to capture water from potted plants
placed on a balcony.
6.6.6. No Tenant or Resident is allowed make any improvements, extensions or
additions to a balcony. Any violation of this rule will result in repairing the balcony
to its initial state at the Tenants / Residents cost.
6.6.7. Balcony lighting and plant pots belong to the owner of the building and
most not be tampered, moved or covered in any way as to modify the original
design of the exterior façade. Any damage done to this lighting and plant pots will
be replaced at the Tenants / Residents own cost.

Home Improvement

6.7.1. The Community Management Office controls and regulates the construction
of alterations or improvements within the Community. Accordingly, no
Tenant or Resident shall build, construct, erect or install any Improvements within
the community.

6.7.2. Except for the purposes of proper maintenance and repair, and except as
otherwise permitted, no Resident shall build, construct, erect, install or undertake
any alteration or improvement within the property interior or/and exterior.

7. Utilities management

DEWA (Dubai Electrcity & Water Authority)

7.1.1. The tenant is fully responsible (otherwise indicated contractually) to connect, maintain and disconnect his DEWA account. 7.1.2. The tenant is responsible to pay and clear all bills before moving out of the property, Faliure to do so, The Icon Casa reseves the right to freeze all deposits until further settlement with DEWA. 7.1.3. The Icon Casa will not be held responisble incase breach of DEWA regulations by tenant.

Free Wifi Policy

7.2.1 The Icon Casa is a free-wifi community, This service is offered as a courtesy to all tenants and visitors and it is not charged in whole or part to any tenant (Excluding Commercial Properties). 7.2.2 The Icon Casa Management or/and it's landlord are not obliged to connect home internet services for any tenant in case of technical difficulty or temporary / permenant disconnection of service from the service provider or if The Icon Casa Management or/and it's landlord wish to disconnect the service. 7.2.3 The Icon Casa Management or/and it's landlord have the right to disconnect the internet service on their own discresion provided that a community wide notice would be given (30) thirty days prior to the disconnection. 7.2.4 The Icon Casa Management or/and its landlord will not guarantee the speed and quality of the internet, Ideally, the speed promised from the provider is 20 mbps - 70 mbps depending on time of day and users on the network. 7.2.5 The tenants have the free will to obtain their own internet connection if the the speed or technical specifications do not suit them, There will be no upgrades or alterations made to the network.

GAS (Uni-Gas)

Kindly find the following procedures for new gas connection, Kindly take an appojntment 24 hours prior by phone call or email between 07.30 am and 05.30 pm from Saturday to Thursday 7.3.1. Further to the agreement with UniGas, Tenants are free to contact UniGas service number for new gas connection. 7.3.2. Required documents for gas connection: 1. Passport copy w/ Visa 2. Emirates ID copy 3. Tenancy Contract 4. Trade license (for companies) 7.3.3. The Charges for the connection are as follows: 1. Refundable Security Deposit: AED 300 2. New Gas connection charges: AED 300 (Non Refundable) 3. LPG Rate for Cooking: AED 23 / Cubic Meter 4. Monthly Service Charge: AED 15 / Month 7.3.4. All above charges as in total of AED 600 must be paid in cash/card to UniGas Representative at time of connection.

Cooling / Chiller

7.4.1 Definitions Agreement means the contract between the Tenant and The Icon Casa, including these Terms and Conditions and the Registration Form (Annex 1). The Icon Casa is the Billing and Collection Service Provider responsible for invoicing and collecting the cooling services charges of the unit. Building Owner means Tarek El Mdaka , or the management entity appointed to represent it (The Icon Casa). Customer means a Unit Tenant or other authorized unit occupant who is applying for billing and collection services related to cooling services under this agreement. Unit means a part of the building leased by Customer Meter means a device which measures the consumption of cooling energy used to cool the Unit (in kWh). FAHU means the Fresh Air Handeling Unit which is responisble for reconditioning and circulation of the air in the unit as part of the ventilation and air conditioning system. Service Charge is the billing admisitration charge. VAT means Value Added Tax whic will be collected on behalf of the government. Due Date means the maturity date indicated on the invoice. If the invoice does not name a maturity date, then the due date is 14 calendar days from the date of issuance of the respective invoice. Force Majeure means an event outside the control of the parties being an act of God, war, outbreak of hostilities, riot, sabotage, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, labour dispute disturbance or the exercise of the authority or regulation by governmental or military authorities, storm, flood, fire, or explosion. 7.4.2 Standard Conditions of Service The Icon Casa is responsible for issuing invoices for the cooling services, implementing the credit control procedure described in clause 4, collecting the payments of the applicable charges described in clause 3, and issuing final bills. The Customer is responsible for completion of the registration process (see Annex1) and the payment of all the applicable amounts, charges and fees listed under the Registration Form ("Charges"). The Customer shall allow access to the Unit to any representative of The Icon Casa to install, read, maintain, inspect the BTU meters and to carry out all activities subject to this contract. The Customer accepts to settle costs that shall include, but not limited to backdated charges and fees charged by any collection agency. The Unit Tenant remains responsible for all the cooling charges during the lease of the Unit until final bill is issued and property is handed over to the landlord 7.4.3 Charges Security Deposit is the amount paid by the Customer to The Icon Casa at the time of signing this Agreement. The full amount of the deposit will remain available with The Icon Casa thought the validity of this agreement and may be used only to cover the final bill and any other outstanding charges at the end of the agreement. The security deposit will be refunded to the Customer within 30 calendar days after settlement of final bill. The Customer must apply in writing to The Icon Casa for any credit balance or deposit balance within 90 calendar days from account deactivation date; otherwise any such amount will be forfeited. Consumption Charges means the monthly amount invoiced to the Customer by The Icon Casa for the registered cooling consumption of the unit measured by the meter plus the estimated consumption of the indoor fan cool unit(s) and calculated at the standard RTH cooling using formula: ((KwHx2)x0.28434)x2.198 = AED/Refrigirant Ton per hour Unit. In case of a meter malfunction, the consumption charge will be calculated based on the history for a meter to build an estimate for itself it will be estimated based on the previous cooling bill for the same unit or similar unit size to build an estimate of the consumption where there is not enough historical data for the meter, until the meter is rectified. To avoid any doubt, there shall be no reimbursement of charges in case of a malfunctioning meter. FAHU consumption is calculated at 15% of the total cooling consumption charges. 3.3 Late Fee is applied if the Customer fails to settle any part of the invoice at the due date, which is after 14 days from the date of issuing the cooling invoice. The Customer comes into default even without a reminder if the payment is not settled before the due date. Reconnection Fee is the penalty paid by the Customer along with the total outstanding in order for The Icon Casa to reconnect the cooling services, disconnected after 45 days during which the invoice remained totally or partially unpaid. Banking/credit/debit card Charges are additional fees applicable for banking/online payment /credit/debit card/direct debit or any returned cheque fees payable by the Customer. 3.6 Final Bill Fee is applied on the last invoice issued for the Customer after vacating the unit. 7.4.4 Credit Control Procedures First reminder is sent 7 days after the invoice issuance date. A second reminder is sent on the invoice due date. Late fee is applied in case the invoice is not paid after the due date. A third reminder is sent 7 days after the invoice due date, informing the Customer that cooling services may be disconnected if the invoice remains unpaid. Disconnection notice is sent after 45 days of totally or partially non-payment of the invoice and the cooling services to the unit is suspended in maximum 2 working days without any additional notice. 7.4.5 Durations The Building Owner will decide on the commencement date of the billing. For new tenants the start date will be the commencement of the lease agreement. The Customer agrees that by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he/she is legally bound by the Agreement until the end of the tenancy contract. The obligations of the Customer or The Icon Casa shall be suspended for the period of and to the extent that such party is prevented or hindered from complying therewith by a Force Majeure. 7.4.6 General Limitation of Liability and Indemnity The Icon Casa’s employees, affiliates and representatives will not be held liable for any damage and loss of property, personal injury, loss or damage of life arising from the service provided under this Agreement. The Icon Casa is not responsible and shall not be held liable for any other condition, management, maintenance, supply or use of the Unit or building, including (without limitation) the supply of cooling energy to the Unit or for the quality and working condition of the cooling system. The Customer hereby represents and warrants that he shall not raise any claims or file any actions relating hereto against The Icon Casa, nor does he/she have any right to set-off, retain or reduce any charges invoiced by The Icon Casa with respect hereto. The Customer shall indemnify and hold The Icon Casa harmless of any claims, damages, personal harm, health hazards and losses arising out of or in connection with the Customer’s failure to comply with the terms if this Agreement. In no event will The Icon Casa be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequentiallosses of any kind including, but not limited to loss of revenue or loss of anticipated profits. The Icon Casa shall not be liable for any consequential loss or harm resulting from interruption of air conditioning or cooling energy supply. Disclaimer of Warranties. The Icon Casa disclaims, and the Customer waives, all other representations and warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the provision of cooling services. Governing Law and Arbitration The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates, as applicable in the Emirate of Dubai. Any dispute related to the Agreement between The Icon Casa and the Customer shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the provisions set forth under the Rules of Arbitration of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (the “Rules”), by one arbitrator appointed in compliance with the Rules. The venue of arbitration shall be Dubai and the language of the proceedings shall be English 7.4.7. Miscellaneous If one of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions should be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Terms and Conditions. The Icon Casa is obliged to replace the ineffective provision by a ruling coming closest to the economic purpose of the ineffective provision These Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively to all future billing and collection services provided by The Icon Casa.The Icon Casa has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time and any amendments and additions hereto or to any part of the Agreement must be in writing to be valid. No side agreements written or oral exist.